Dora Tsambazis: The touching message about the death of Alexandros Nikolaidis’ coach

The news of the death of his coach brought immense sadness to the world of Tae Kwon Do Alexandrou NikolaidisCostas Tzidimopoulos.

The unpleasant news was made known by the family of Alexandros Nikolaidis on the morning of Wednesday 25/1, with a post on the athlete’s own social media account, in which he said goodbye to Kostas Tzidimopoulos, with a moving message.

A few hours after the news broke, his wife Alexandrou Nikolaidis, Tsambazi giftsmade an emotional post on her personal Instagram account, wanting to say her own “goodbye” to Kostas Tzidimopoulos, who had stood as a father to the athlete.

Dora Tsambazi republished the video from the coach’s last interview with Dora Anagnostopoulos and accompanied it by writing: “Legends grow up there, and so does the void in us where we are left behind”.

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