Egnatia Road: For 110 km, the car that caused the chase was in the opposite direction

Loaded with 63 bales of crude cannabis with a total weight of 67 kg was the I.X. car which caused the cinematic persecution from Abbess until the Metsovo, traveling approximately 110 kilometers in the opposite direction of traffic Egnatia Street and breaking the toll bars in two places!

The “ralist” who luckily did not cause a serious accident, is a 20-year-old man Albanian and one passenger underage Greek, barely 16 years old. Both were arrested after a massive police operation forces and are detained at the Police Department, where a case is filed against them for drug transport and trafficking, dangerous driving and violations of the Road Traffic Code, as the case may be.

The risky carriers of the cargo were spotted shortly before 7 am on Wednesday in the area of ​​Nea Seleukia in Thesprotia, where its police officers had set up a roadblock. Narcotics Prosecution Office of Igoumenitsa. However, the driver did not stop at the signal for control and entered the opposite stream of Egnatia at high speed.

A chase immediately began, while the car broke through the toll barriers Cheese and Drosochorio and headed towards Metsovo. However, the tires burst and it stopped, resulting in the arrest of the two young men, who are interrogated to reveal to whom they would deliver the cargo.


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