EL.AS: Disruption of a gang of minors who systematically committed thefts in Attica – Three arrests

Juvenile gang accused of committing systematic thefts from shops in various regions of Attica, was dismantled by the Sub-Directorate for the Protection of Minors. It is noted that 27 cases were investigated.

In particular, one was arrested yesterday, Tuesday, January 24, in Athens 16-year-old Greek and two Albanians, 15 and 17 years oldwhile a case file was filed against them for the establishment of a gang, distinguished thefts by complicity and in series, also committed in an attempt and damage to foreign property.

According to ELAS, the defendants broke into various stores, with their facial features covered with a surgical brand and with a different composition and method depending on the case. In particular, mainly taking advantage of the absence of employees, they breached the internal doors of the stores and entered staff areas from where they removed sums of money, electronic devices, personal items, valuables and bank cards.

In some cases they also carried out contactless transactions, with the cards they had previously stolen, before their owners had time to deactivate them.

From the preliminary investigation 26 cases of theft were solved from shops and one from a house, in various areas of Attica (Omonoia, Kypseli, Galatsi, Ampelokipoi, Paleo Faliro, Peristeri, Aegaleo, Nikaia). According to the estimate of ELAS, the illegal financial benefit that the defendants allegedly obtained from their criminal activity is estimated at 40,000 euros.

The three minors, who have been arrested in the past for robberies, distinguished cases of theft and other crimes, were taken to the competent prosecutor.

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