ELAS: The spiral that “emptied” houses in Attica and Achaia was dismantled – 14 thefts were solved

Spiral who committed thefts from houses in Attica and Achaia, was dismantled by the Property Crimes Department of the Attica Security Directorate.

In particular, during an operation that took place on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, were arrested three members of the criminal organization, age 26, 30 (he was the leader) and 44 years old. A case file was filed against them, on a case-by-case basis, for a criminal organization that committed distinguished thefts committed and attempted, by complicity and by continuation, perjury as well as violations of the laws on weapons and money laundering.


According to ELAS, the defendants, who were active at least since September 2021, were the main body of the spiral, while recruiting new members to commit thefts – burglaries. With their momentum Marshmallow, they located remote houses, in which they invaded from balconies, after they had previously established that there were no people inside. They then removed sums of money, valuables, jewellery, gold and other valuables.

In their telephone communications with each other, they never gave their real names, used pseudonyms, and frequently changed telephone connections and devices. At the same time, the ones they used were mainly declared to non-existent foreigners.


According to ELAS, both they and their families declared income less than their expenses, avoided filing tax returns, kept numerous vehicles in their names and spent large amounts of money on rent, fuel and vehicle purchases.

In the searches carried out in Zefyri and Aspropyrgos, with the assistance of OPKE police officers, the following were identified and confiscated, among others: Lots of watches, jewelry, jewelry, mobile phones, sim cards, laptops, electronic devices, gaming machines and burglary tools, 83.7 euros, cash in US dollars, 1,000 Austrian schillings and 5,000 Venezuelan bolivars and 2 vehicles.

So far, 14 thefts and 4 attempted thefts from homes in Marousi, Chalandri, Heraklion, Nea Ionia, Peristeri, Galatsi, Agioi Anargyrou, Moschato and Nea Peramo Atticaas well as in Agios Achaias, with the illegal financial gain that managed to exceed the amount of 100,000 euros.

It is noted that all three arrested, who were brought to the competent prosecution authority, have repeatedly engaged ELAS in the past for similar offences.

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