Eleftheria Eleftheriou enters Survivor All Star: The background of her decision after the kisses of Mario Priamos – Karolina

With a revelation that will be discussed, he made the morning of Thursday 26/1 Stamatina Tsimtsilis on her show, Happy Day.

According to the presenter’s information, Eleftheria Eleftheriou she is packing her bags for Saint Dominic and stressed that we will see her very soon.

Particularly, Stamatina Tsimtsili also gave the background behind the singer’s decision to participate for the second time in the survival reality show and, especially, after what happened between her rumored partner, Marios Priamos and Karolina Kalyva.

“The one who will certainly not hurt by saying goodbye to Carolina, is Marios Priamos. You saw a few days ago on this show a photo of Marios Priamos with Eleftheria that proved their relationship. This relationship existed, it was very warm, they may not have made statements openly, but they were in a very nice phase of their relationship,” said Stamatina Tsimtsili initially.

“Eleftheria, when the relationship with Karolina was revealed, was very sad, shocked and really thought about not entering because she knows that the spotlight will focus there and that any difference she has with her partner, Mario Priamos, will be nationwide. Because there is a specific need with the financial deal he has made, he cannot back out and will be in very soon. He may have already left,” concluded Stamatina Tsimtsili.

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