Elena Tsagrinou on Dj Stephan: “It’s very difficult to work with your partner”

About her relationship with him Dj Stephan talk to Happy Day to Alpha the Elena Tsagrinou.

The well-known singer referred to the collaboration with her partner, stating at the same time that for the time being, she is in no rush to propose marriage.

“My new song will be released on February 2nd. It’s very difficult to work with your partner, but if you have the will and you believe and you get results from the work you do with the other person and you have a good relationship in your personal life, then it goes forward,” said Elena Tsagrinou.

To a question about whether she has accepted a marriage proposal, Elena Tsagrinou replied: “Of course we are thinking about the next step. If everything goes well and we are happy and why not? I’m not in such a hurry for the marriage proposal, but if it comes and everything is the way we want it and beautiful, why not?”, he replied to Alpha’s camera.

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