Eleni Foureira reveals for the first time: “I had unsuccessful IVF for 1.5 years”

THE Helen Foureira is photographed for the first time in an advanced pregnancy for the magazine Vogue Greece and the journalist, Vlasis Kostouros, which is released on Sunday, January 29.

The popular singer, who is in the final months of her pregnancy, gave her first interview since announcing that she is expecting her first child with Alberto Botia.

The show Happy Day secured a small passagewhich aired on the morning of Tuesday 24/1. Eleni Foureira, among others, spoke for the first time about the difficulties she faced until she became pregnant, the failed IVF, but also about Alberto Botia.

“I always wanted to be a mother, I just found it too difficult. I’ve been trying for quite some time, it just happened to be harder for me, like many other women. I want to tell them they should never be disappointed. Where you feel like giving up, where you say I can’t bear to see another negative test, a miracle happens. I fought for 1.5 years, I went through failed IVFs, many doctors and finally the baby came naturallyEleni Foureira initially reported.

“The first person I shared it with was Alberto of course. He was and is a tremendously supportive partner and I’m sure he’ll be a fantastic dad. It is the ideal companion in both joys and difficulties. I can tell you that at the beginning of my pregnancy, I had quite a hard time, in the first weeks of pregnancy I had a miscarriage that forced me to cancel all my work commitments and stay in bed for three months. It was a difficult time for me.

I was upset, I fell a lot. I remember being stuck in a bed reading on sites or on shows about a rumored pregnancy or listening to people on shows talking about the gender of the baby, at a time when I had neither declared that I was pregnant nor knew if the next day I would have the child. I don’t blame anyone, I understand what they do, it’s just that for me it was barbaric. Let’s say it was a moment when I would like them not to know my name”, confessed Eleni Foureira.

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