Eleni Menegaki for Maki Pantzopoulos: “I’m going crazy holding him in my arms and feeding him all day”

In a personal confession she passed Eleni Menegaki at noon on Wednesday January 25 through her show on Mega.

The presenter, going to the show’s kitchen, remembered the one and only time she left her husband, Maki Pantzopoulos to cook in their home kitchen.

“I’m waiting for when we go to Andros with my son in the winter, just for a weekend, because I like to go into the kitchen, hold him in my hands and feed him all day. Go crazy. Do you know what I have realized in this life? Just like Makis doesn’t know how to boil a single rice… He says to me: “You don’t let it”. I say to him “Why should I leave you? Once I left you, the kitchen became a mess and we didn’t eat.”

I think that when one of the two loves cooking, the other somehow rests better and leaves space and the one who cooks doesn’t want another in the kitchen”, said Eleni Menegaki on the air of her show on Mega.

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