Eleni Menegaki: She clarifies everything about the… wrong daughter she is charged with

Eleni Menegaki spoke about the confusion created with a well-known magazine concerning her daughter at noon on Wednesday 25/1 on her show.

As you will see, on the cover of “EGO” there is a photo that – according to the magazine – is Laura’s eldest daughter, but this is not the case.

“Some mother must be very upset. Some mother cries her daughter because they have made her my daughter. What I mean; Since the day I told you that my daughter, Laura, has a birthday, I have been seeing a picture of a girl on the internet – be well my girl, whoever you are. So this girl is billed to me as Laura.

So today, this favorite magazine has me on the cover, but it’s not my child! A mother is crying! Why did they give this to Menegaki? Three daughters are not enough for her and she wants a fourth one? She’s not mine. A wonderful little girl, but she is not mine,” said Eleni Menegaki, clarifying the confusion.

It is worth noting that the girl in the photo is the impressive Fenia, with whom the brother of the presenter Theodoris Misokalos had a relationship in the past.

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