Eleni Menegaki: The phone call she received from her son Angelos Latsios during the show – “Do you know where I am?”

She had an unexpected phone call Eleni Menegaki at the end of today’s show.

While Eleni Menegaki was preparing to say goodbye to the television audience, her phone rang.

“Sorry, I’ll talk,” said the presenter answering the call.

“My child, my child, my child, my son. Do you remember that mommy works? You are fine, you know where I am? To Mega the good. Wait for me to hang up and we’ll talk,” she then said, revealing that her son Angelos Latsios was on the other end of the line and put the mobile aside.

“What should I do, family, even at the end of the show they can happen” said Eleni Menegaki closing her today’s show.

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