Eleonora Meleti: The woman who revealed her pregnancy – “I hadn’t told my circle, she apologized”

On the occasion of shocking confession of Eleni Foureira for the difficulties of her pregnancy, h Eleonora Meleti revealed to Mega Good morning an incident from the time when she was in the first months of her pregnancy.

As the presenter revealed, at the time she was pregnant, a journalist broke the news because she saw her holding a distinctive folder from her gynecologist. Then, with an aggressive tone, she called her on the phone, with the journalist finally apologizing to her.

“Shall I tell you my personal experience? To see how bad it is? And it’s very bad when a woman does this to you. At my gynecologist, anyone who is pregnant comes out with a yellow envelope from the doctor. This yellow envelope has instructions for pregnancy. I had been to my doctor, and too late. I got the yellow envelope because I was pregnant.

He had the instructions for me and the next day I see in a big Medium by a very nice and very authoritative journalist a headline that I am pregnant because I was holding the yellow envelope. All the background of the process. I called her because I hadn’t told it in my circle and I said to her: “hey my love sweetie, you who know right now, if I try and I can’t, I am but I have a problem, I can’t continue because I might not I want; What are you doing?”

Because I didn’t speak in that tone, I was too aggressive, the girl apologized to me and I clearly accepted it. I want to say that pregnancy is a personal fact and that’s it.

We are happy that Eleni Foureira came to the point of doing this beautiful photoshoot and confession and we stick to her positive and optimistic message that anyone who wants to take her time and make her efforts, small miracles happen every day” she said characteristically Eleonora Meleti on Mega Kalimera.

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