Elisabeth Konstantinidou to Arnautoglou: “Voutaga in difficult times, with losses and injuries”

Guest on his show Grigoris ArnautoglouThe 2night Show» was found on the evening of Wednesday 25/1 Elizabeth Konstantinidou.

Prompted by her declaration that she would like to host a show, he reversed roles, going from interviewer to interviewee who then made her own confession on the show.

Elisavet Konstantinidou, among others, spoke about companionship, about her daughter, Maria Hanoubut also the life lessons he learned from psychotherapy.

“In psychotherapy I didn’t know what was happening to me, I learned everything in psychotherapy. My psychotherapist used to say from time to time that artists are on the highest scale of those who need psychotherapy. I didn’t know, it was all a game, I was going through difficult times, with losses, traumas. With psychotherapy they clarified landscapes and then I was fulfilled with my own searches”.

Regarding her daughter, Maria Hanou, Elisavet Konstantinidou noted: “I wanted to have a child, I was very happy pregnant, the pregnancy occurred and then we got married with Taxiarchis.”

Finally, Elisavet Konstantinidou stated that at the moment she is single but she would like a love to come into her life as long as she lives with her partner in… separate houses.

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