Elisavet Konstantinidou: “I would like a man to come into my life, but not to live together”

THE Elizabeth Konstantinidou she was invited to the “2night Show” and talked, among other things, about her daughter, while commenting on how much psychotherapy has helped her. In fact, Grigoris Arnautoglou, driven by her statement that she would like to present a show, reversed roles and appointed her from interviewer to presenter.

The actress spoke about her pregnancy and her daughter, Maria Hanou, while also referring to the life lessons that psychotherapy gave her: “I wanted to have a child, I was very happy pregnant. I gained 40 kilos. It came up for us with the Brigadier General and we did it. Then we got married,” ehbut speaking of psychotherapy: “In psychotherapy I didn’t know what was happening to me, I learned everything in psychotherapy. My psychotherapist used to say from time to time that artists are on the highest scale of those who need psychotherapy. I didn’t know, it was all a game, I was going through difficult times, with losses, traumas. With psychotherapy they clarified landscapes and then I was fulfilled with my own searches”.

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Elisavet Konstantinidou also noted that she is currently single, but she would like a love to come into her life as long as she lives with her partner in separate houses. “I would like a person to come into my life, a companionship, a hug. I loved and they loved me very much. I would like a man to come, but not to live together».


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