Emergency airlift of 18-month-old infant to Italy for heart transplant

With an emergency airlift operation, organized with the cooperation of the EKAV, the National Transplantation Organization (EOM) and the Onassios Cardiac Surgery Center (OKC), yesterday Monday, an 18-month-old infant, who was hospitalized at the Onassios Cardiology Center, with a serious cardiac problem, transferred to transplant center of Bologna in Italy, where he will await a compatible heart transplant.

In this transplant center, small patients from Greece have already been successfully transplanted, based on an interstate agreement between Greece and Italy on transplants, with the aim of optimal and timely treatment of special cases of patients in need of a transplant.

Pediatric solid organ transplants are a special and sensitive area of ​​each country’s transplant system, the development of which is inextricably linked to its population size.

Young patients who need a heart, lung or liver transplant in Greece are served immediately and with excellent results by transplant centers in Italy, which, due to the multiple population, gather a larger number of pediatric transplants. In essence, through this agreement, a common waiting register is created for Italian and Greek pediatric patients and for this reason pediatric transplants from Greek donors are offered and transplanted in Italy.

The EOM warmly thanks both EKAV and OKK for achieving the timely and safe transition of the infant to Italy, as well as every pediatric Intensive Care Unit of our country, which, through the donation of organs, practically supports this cooperation and as hence the treatment of small patients.

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