Emily in Paris: The Netflix series “teaches” French with Michalis Dimitrakopoulos

The popular Netflix series “Emily in Paris” is in Season 3 with Emily struggling with her French, although she is taking intensive lessons.

On the Netflix Greece social media page, a humorous video from an excerpt of the series was published, where Emily learns French with her and her classmates repeating the teacher’s phrases. But what would happen if their teacher was Michalis Dimitrakopoulos;

Listening to the video, you will find that during the lessons, phrases from Michalis Dimitrakopoulos’ statements in French about the case of Eva Kaili are repeated.

This is an editing of the sound of the video, where the words of Eva Kaili’s lawyer can be heard after the viral statement “Koropi Jame».

Watch the video from Netflix Greece:

See what Michalis Dimitrakopoulos had to say about “Koropi Jame”:

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