Erdogan: His message to the USA about Greece and the “ice” from Berlin

“Greece’s provocative actions and the increase in armaments only increase the tension”, said the Security Council of Turkey in its statement, which concluded yesterday Wednesday under the chairmanship of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It lasted three hours and 40 minutes and this in itself testifies to the prevailing concern… The main topic of discussion was Greece and the equipment programs.

It is no secret that Greece’s armament superiority has caused particular concern in the neighboring country, especially after the meeting of Mevlut Cavusoglu by Anthony Blinkenwhere Ankara did not achieve what it expected regarding the F16. After all, the message of the Turkish Security Council did not have Greece as its main recipient, but the USA. “Provocative actions and rhetoric and arming efforts of Greece will not bring any benefit other than increasing tension in our region and it was emphasized once again that any action aimed at Turkey’s national security and interests will not be allowed under any circumstances. ».

It could not be missing from the menu and the inclusion of Sweden and Finland in NATO. “States wishing to join the NATO alliance must act in accordance with the law and the spirit of the alliance and must fulfill their obligations arising from the memorandum of understanding to combat terrorist organizations, in particular PKK/KCK-PYD/ YPG and FETO, with concrete steps as soon as possible…” Ankara, therefore, makes it clear in all tones that it is not going to lift its objections to its accession Sweden – mainly – and Finland in NATO, with Erdogan vetoing it. At least until the Turkish elections…

The Erdoğan government, the way things are going with Stockholm, it is difficult to promote the accession for ratification in the Turkish Parliament. Such a move would be considered a political defeat for the president of Turkey and in fact in the pre-election period it is estimated that it would have huge costs for him. While Erdoğan is stylizing his legs, so, however, is escalating diplomatic tension in Turkey-US relations, with anti-Turkish voices in Washington increasing. Thus, the issue with the F-16s is also complicated. However, without the NATO enlargement sanction, the chances of the US F-16 deal passing through the US Congress are reduced, if not nullified, as it will be difficult for the Biden administration to support the sale of US aircraft without he has closed the issue of NATO. After all, the issue of sanctioning NATO expansion has been pending for six months and is one of the critical issues in the US-Turkey agreement on the F-16, as Mevlut Cavusoglu himself admitted after the talks in Washington with the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blinkenlast week.

A representative of the State Department clarified that there is no question “reintegration of Turkey into the F-35 program”. As he said, characteristically, “nothing has changed in terms of her suitability”, underlining that the discussion is taking place to bring the program to an end. However, much will also be decided in the upcoming visit of American Secretary of State Blinken to Greece – Turkey – Israel, which is scheduled for around February 20. There, Washington is expected to show intentions and send further messages to the Turkish president. Another interesting development is yesterday’s cancellation of Erdoğan’s visit to Berlin and by extension his meeting with the German Chancellor. He was supposed to arrive there on Friday, and intense processes and preparations had been made to make this visit a success. Berlin, however, did not want the Turkish president to use this trip as “station of his election campaign». We must not forget that not many days have passed since Turkey’s ruling party MP Mustafa Acıkgız spoke in Berlin against the PKK and the Gulenists, provoking strong criticism at home in Germany. The country’s security authorities even spoke of an indirect “threat to the country’s security”. The climate, therefore, was not deemed suitable for the arrival of the Turkish president who sees his traditional ally Germany distancing itself. THE Soltzafter all, he understands that the next period requires subtle – surgical to be precise – manipulations towards Erdogan who seems to have alienated everyone…

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