Erietta Kourkoulos is emotional: “You chose to leave today on our anniversary”

Tough day for her Erietta Kourkoulos which says goodbye to the quadruped Bane with a touching post about the time she lived next to her family.

Posting a series of photos alongside Bane Erietta Kourkoulos informed about his loss – See the post in detail:

“The best dog in the world… and I’ve met tens if not hundreds of thousands. A creature that purred like a cat at our caresses, but wouldn’t accept them from everyone. A dog that demanded respect because he knew he deserved it. The quiet power of our home.

A lord – My beloved boy, my beloved Bane… you did not start out as ours, nor do I believe you could ever “belong” to anyone, for you chose everything and everyone and set the terms of your relationships. You probably chose to leave today, on our anniversary, so that we at least have something to celebrate in the pain of your loss.
I can only feel honored to have been a part of your journey these past few years… only gratitude that you trusted us and allowed us to come to you. Have a good trip my love… see you soon”, wrote Erietta Kourkoulou.

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