Errikos Andreou: Sadness at his funeral – His wife, Nora Valsami, was absent

The final farewell to the acclaimed director Erriko Andreoufound today at the Old Faliro Cemetery his son Eric and all those who loved him during his life and his work while his wife Nora Valsami was absent as her health condition did not allow her to be there.

Her husband Noras Valsami passed away early last Saturday at the age of 84 after a long-term battle with various health problems as it became known that he had been hospitalized since last August.

His death, which is a significant loss for the field of culture, plunged his family into mourning while the words his son wrote shortly after the announcement of the tragic news, reflect their pain.

“Father, I will always have you in my heart as long as I exist. Thank you for everything, good heaven”wrote characteristically Eric Andreu.

As you will see in the photos secured by the TLIFE camera, Nora Valsami was absent from the funeral of her beloved husband due to some health problems that plague her, while their son Eric was present as well as: Anna Fonsou, Kostas Prekas, Mary Vidiadou, Thanos Kalioras and Daisy Lebesi.

Thanos Kalioras

Mary Vidiadou, Kostas Prekas

Giorgos Hatzinassios

Photos: Petros Hontos

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