“European Youth Day” by ONNED: The event was successful and with massive attendance – See photos

The opening of the event was announced by the prime minister and president of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

As he noted in his statement: “You, especially at ONNED, know well the many obstacles that Greece faced and overcame in these 3.5 years. Actively participating in our efforts on all fronts: the economic recovery of the country, to the expansion of rights. From the very important modernization of education, where many of ONNED’s proposals were taken very seriously, to the establishment of the digital state. This is how we reached almost 300,000 new jobs. This brings us to the third consecutive increase in the minimum wage on April 1st. This is how we arrived at the greatly increased, by 50% and under conditions 100%, student accommodation allowance. This is how we arrived at universities which are gradually being transformed from places of iniquity into hives of creativity, innovation and real educational rivalry.

That is why I believe that all our policies ultimately concern young people. Investments that are already reversing scientific migration. We have the first trends, that the brain drain is beginning and reversing. And young people, worthy young children who left Greece during the crisis, are starting to return to our country because they believe in its prospects and precisely because many good new jobs are being created in Greece”.

In total, two panels took place during the event, one one-on-one and an open discussion, with the participation of many young entrepreneurs and scientists.


THE first section on “Metaverse & Al: The changes and challenges of the new digital world” and keynote speaker Minister of State and Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis, focused on enhancing innovation and promoting start-up entrepreneurship. The participants raised the issue of how – through continuous research – businesses with traditional objects or everyday products can develop their services, create innovative solutions or even tools that serve citizens in their daily lives and be a trigger for greater growth. The discussion was moderated by journalist and editor-in-chief at protothema.gr Giorgos Michaelidis.

Minister Mr. Pierrakakis pointed out during his presentation: “Our approach regarding the 4th Industrial Revolution is to create the right environment so that emerging technologies can develop rapidly and work for the benefit of the citizen. Thus, at the Ministry of Digital Governance, we have chosen to move in two directions: solving outstanding issues from yesterday and shaping the country’s digital future. I believe that the future is either planned or lived. By the vote of the citizens, we are determined to continue in the same direction for the next four years. The New Democracy of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has chosen to talk to the future. And in this ongoing process, ONNED is a valuable ally.”

Michalis Manis, representative of the new generation of entrepreneurs in the energy field, spoke about the issue of the circular economy and the protection of the natural environment in harmony with our economy in a Face to Face discussion with the journalist and One Channel Information Director Myra Barba.


Subsequently, the founder and CEO of Equine MediRecord (EMR), Mr. Pierce Dargan; explained how through his own start up, he provides his clients with a software platform to ensure their compliance with the latest anti-doping protocols and animal welfare regulations in the equine industry. Further, developed the capabilities of digital transformation in optimal database management.

The “European Youth Day-powered by ONNED” concluded with the thematic discussion “New European Bauhaus and circular economy: A more sustainable future for all” with the main speaker being the Minister of Environment and Energy and the moderator being the journalist at Mega Tv and Parapolitika 90.1 , Baya Antonopoulou. The speakers highlighted the need for sustainable solutions that will protect the environment and our common home, planet Earth. At the same time, however, they will also promote sustainable development and a green economy, in a way that respects European regulations for raw materials.


The minister, Mr. Skrekasnoted: “It has to to make the young protagonists to the green transition and the sustainable future. We would not have achieved anything without the participation of young people. We need your participation in this very serious undertaking for the future of the planet. We want you with suggestions, ideas and dialogue. We want you ambassadors and protagonists of our path towards climate neutrality. We can turn challenges into opportunities. For a better and more sustainable future for you and the next generations.”

THE president of ONNED Orfeas Georgiou, after thanking the prime minister for his presence and the participants who honored today’s event with their presence, he said: “The European Year of Youth offered us a valuable opportunity to discuss a number of issues that concern us. Let’s discuss them openly, without spin. Regardless of our party preferences. Regardless of where we live. All the youth of Europe. After all, as ONNED we have done a lot of work at the level of programs and many have become laws of the state. This is what we did the previous three years with the then president of ONNED and current secretary of the Political Committee of the New Democracy, Pavlos Marinakis. The coming tomorrow will be more digital and more green. And the protagonists will be all of us, the young people of Europe.

Because both the digital and the green transition strengthen the participation of young people both in the labor market and in the Republic. After all, we are a generation that has proven that it actually seeks to be active.

Not to give a blank check to others to decide on her future. The government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been at the vanguard of the European Union in both of these critical areas of the digital and green transition.”

The event was welcomed by the Youth President of the European People’s Party and MEP, Ms. Lidia Pereira, who praised ONNED’s initiative, stressing: “I want to express my appreciation and respect for all that ONNED contributes at the European level and that make it a strong pillar of the EPP’s youth as it actively shapes its policy, such as in matters that we are discussing today – innovation, digitization and sustainability. You are a dynamic organization with excellent leadership that works tirelessly to achieve our common goals.”

We would like to thank ND PE Secretary Pavlos Marinakis, MPs Haris Theoharis, Tasso Hatzivasileiou, Yannis Vroutsis, ND Organizational Secretary Stelios Kontadakis, ND Deputy General Directors Nikos Papoutsis and Yannis Smyrlis, ND General Directorate Coordinator Yiannis Papageorgiou, EOAN President Vangelis Karamintzios , the president I.NE.DI.VIM Costas Dervos, the members of the Secretariat Dimitris Papagelopoulos, Menio Koromilas, Costas Mamoulis, Chrysavgi Atsidakou, Aki Bafa, Costas Lolitsa, Pisti Krustalidou, Costas Tsiagliotis, Vassilis Gakopoulos, Dimitris Goulis and the distinguished PE ND members Kostas Koulouras and Manolis Migadakis who attended the ONNED event entitled: “European Youth Day-powered by ONNED”.

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