Eurydice Valavani: The answer to the comments about her weight – “I love me with more and less”

After her departure from Survivor All Starthe appearances for the Eurydice Valavani in SKAI they continue. On the morning of Tuesday 24/1, the 35-year-old sports reporter was at “Our breakfast“, with the Faye Skordas to comment on her body.

“What a sweet girl, beautiful. You are very beautiful. It’s not nice to comment, but your body, your face, your health, your skin are enviable,” the SKAI presenter said initially.

“No matter how many kilos we are, we are fine. And with the most and with the least” answered Eurydiki Valavani and continued about the comments she received about her appearance from Nikos Partsolis, the close associate of Fais Skordas. “You commented that I can’t get my legs and then you mentioned your own weight. Have fun, that’s what matters. I keep hearing about my weight from time to time.

I had put on weight and I had gone out to Eleni Menegaki, because she had teased me because they were referring to a sensitive topic like pregnancy. But I was eating, I wasn’t pregnant. It doesn’t bother me, I love me both with the most and with the fewest kilos” noted Eurydiki Valavani.

“I’ve never been thin, I’m juicy, I have an athletic body. In the game I was swollen because it was the odd days of the month, but then you didn’t get to see me swollen. What matters is that I love me. I jokingly said this to Nikos Partsolis,” concluded Eurydiki Valanani to SKAI.

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