Eurydiki Valavani: She refused to answer whether she has broken up with Konstantinos Vassalos

THE Eurydice Valavani she was invited to the show “Our Breakfast” and commented on the latest developments in “Survivor All Star».

The former survival reality player was asked, among other things, if she has finally broken up with him Konstantinos Vassaloswith her however refusing to answer clearly: “I think that today I have come here to talk about my participation in Survivor and not about my personal life. I just have and we have – because Kostantinos is not here – decided not to talk about our personal matters”.

Then Eurydice Valavani added: “You will tell me “yes, ok before you uploaded”. But people change, we all evolve. Without there being any specific reason, that something has happened. We’re just fine.”

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“They have broken up”

Eurydiki Valavani and Konstantinos Vassalos have finally split up a long time ago, as revealed by their good friend, Kostas Oikonomou.

Speaking the other day on the show “Smile Again”, he confirmed the separation of the couple, while also revealing the reason they live in the same house. Initially, he referred to Eurydice Valavani’s departure from Survivor All Star.

“I did not expect the departure of Eurydice at all. She was at the point where her performance was going up a lot. The hug was normal, they had been together for five years. They have separated, but they haven’t argued, nor anything extreme. It’s normal to still have love. Her departure was a shock for Konstantinos, he did not expect it at all. It will seem strange to him at first.” he said.


He then explained the reason why, despite their separation, Valavani and Vassalos remain in the same house. “It is not easy to find a house in Athens, so Eurydice and Konstantinos still live in the same house. They are for each other, they were together for five years. Many years. The breakup was a mutual decision and has come long before Survivor. Now whether they find each other again depends on them”he emphasized in closing.

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