Evros: “That’s how we managed to find her”, says the journalist who found Baida in Germany

The journalist of the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) who identified the “representative” of the 38 migrants in the Evros, Baida, who is – according to reports – now in Germany, spoke about his acquaintance with her and the questions he asked her raised.

Forrest Rogers, an investigative reporter at NZZ, spoke to Alpha and revealed that the woman had been living there since 2021, even acting as an influencer, before she suddenly found herself pretending to be trapped on Turkish soil in Evros, in a case that became known in the international media about the alleged death of “little Maria” who never existed.

“We managed to locate the woman in Germany and attempted to question her. Of course she didn’t feel comfortable answering any of our questions. We wondered the following: If this person really lives in Germany or is a refugee in Germany, why would he cross the border, why would he choose this route to go to Greece returning to Germany. If there is a very simple explanation, then there should be no problem telling what has happened,” he initially said.

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At the same time, the journalist added: “He told us that “I want to move on with my life because I experienced a very difficult period.” I felt I should at least ask about her grandmother and her health. Because she had mentioned in her appeal for help that she was there with her 70-year-old grandmother. That’s why I asked her: “How is your grandmother?” What she basically answered me is that her grandmother is not in Greece. She opened the door for us, we were very kind, she was very kind, but she has a right to privacy.”

“However, I believe that this story will not end. Whether he was living in Germany before the incident, we haven’t made it 100% clear. Because you can constantly change your location when you post on social networks. We talked to people in the village where he lives. Some had known her for some time, others had just met her. So there are a lot of questions that still need answers,” concluded NZZ investigative reporter Forrest Rogers.

The report of the Swiss NZZ about the influencer Baida who lives in Germany

The extensive report talks about Baida who was previously identified, through her posts on Instagram, as being in Germany, even if she had not received legal travel documents to leave Greece. According to the newspaper that tracked her down, Baida no longer appears to want to talk about what she experienced in Evros. “It was a difficult, sad time,” he says. “Now I want to start a new life.”

According to the report, Baidaa S. visits her husband every weekend, who lives in a quiet residential area in the province of Palatinate. “It is not surprising that the 27-year-old does not want to speak to the media. Because Baidaa S. is the central figure in a media scandal, which puts the German magazine Der Spiegel in the position of apologist,” the report says.

Exactly how Baidaa S. – also called Beida or Baida – became involved in this case remains unclear. What is certain is that the young woman from Syria has been working for several years as a writer and influencer. According to what she states, she was born in Raqqa in 1995 and has already written six books. On Social Networking Media such as Instagram and Tiktok, he posts pious sayings about Allah, quotes sayings and shares photos from around the world, often from Turkey and Germany.

In March 2021, for example, she posted a photo on Instagram of a woman holding a cup of coffee and reading a book, her legs covered with a fluffy cloth. The location is given as “Germany”. (p.s. Bayda seems to have now closed her Instagram profile).

According to her other publications, Baidaa S. had also been found that year in Istanbul and other places in Turkey. Organizations of Syrian exiles reported on her in 2019, while in 2018 she wrote an article on the subject of betrayal in Al Watan Voice newspaper. A bookstore in Safak, Turkey was promoting its latest book on Facebook in 2021. In the post she is seen proudly holding it as she poses for the camera, her face carefully made up, her hair covered in a hijab. The title “The Folly of the Heart” is written on the cover of the book.


Baida suddenly appeared in the international media in August 2022. However, not as a cosmopolitan influencer, but as a desperate representative of a group of 38 people, mostly Syrian refugees, trapped in the Greek-Turkish border area. “Baidaa S. and other refugees have been stranded for days on an island in the border river Evros,” wrote Spiegel on August 10. In the image that accompanied the article, the Syrian woman wears a poor blue hijab and stares at the camera with puffy eyes and no makeup. Behind her are men, women and some children sitting on a dry meadow. The title of the Spiegel article is: “5-year-old Maria dies at the EU’s external borders”.

It is the starting point of an international campaign against the Migration Policy of the EU. The refugees, according to Spiegel, the Guardian, Channel 4 and other media, were brought to the border by the Turkish authorities, but the Greek border guards prevented them from crossing the EU borders using violence. With these Pushbacks, the article continued, Greece was once again violating Human Rights. Worse, in this case a girl named Maria died from a scorpion sting because EU authorities failed to provide help, the report claimed. If they don’t intervene, another girl is in danger of dying. Spiegel spoke of a “crime of the whole of Europe”, which shows through this example how values ​​are sacrificed at its borders.

The media campaign launched by SPIEGEL on August 10 against the EU and the Greek government is an area in which all sides resort to tricks, cover-ups and lies. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regularly threatens Greece with war, and uses the millions of migrants and Syrian refugees, some of whom have lived in Turkey for years, as leverage against the EU. According to rescuers, traffickers repeatedly stage emergencies, in order to convince the Authorities to intervene, for example babies who are supposed to be sick but are in fact healthy.

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