Fai Skordas: She said goodbye to Vassilis Nomikos from “Our Breakfast” – “It was his decision”

Him Vasilis Nomiko wanted to officially say goodbye through the television air the Faye Skordas. The journalist, as it became known at the end of last week, left the SKAI show, Our breakfast, after about two months of cooperation. The presenter explained that this was his decision.

As Fai Skorda said, the solution to their collaboration was done in a very good atmosphere, while she mentioned that for her part, the door of her show will always be open to him.

“Before we start, I want to send my love, a kiss and a warm hug to Vassilis Nomikos. Friday was the last day Vassilis was with us. He came, greeted us. It was his own thought and decision, final, not to continue. We were together for two months. An excellent collaboration.

So together we decided not to continue. But I want to say that he was an excellent person, an excellent partner, sir, I now had the opportunity to get to know him better. And let me say that the door of “Our Morning” is always open for him and a place is waiting for him. He came on Friday, you didn’t see him on TV, he was with us behind the cameras after the end of the show and we talked better and said goodbye in a very good atmosphere” said Fai Skorda.

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