Fake doctor – New documents: Travel payments, remittances abroad and thousands of euros in cash

New documents for the accused «bogus doctor» brought it to light T-live with the Tatiana Stefanidou.

The 66-year-old physiotherapist told people suffering from multiple sclerosis that it would make them well, but first, in addition to paying thousands of euros for the stem cell treatment, they would have to travel to Germany in the hope that their Golgotha ​​would finish.

In fact, according to the report of Iota Kipourou, there are transfers to the bank accounts of the “fake doctor” in Switzerland and Germany.

“But she had to go to Germany, do some special tests and there they will tell her exactly what they will give her. He actually went to Germany, they did this examination, which was also done in Greece, but we didn’t know about it. He went to Stuttgart, to a center he recommended to us. He worked together with his wife, who is Greek-German” noted the mother of a victim to T-live and Jason Tsolis.

The trip to Germany took place in the presence of the alleged “fake doctor” himself. In fact, according to the patient’s family, they were forced to pay his own expenses as well. T-live presented exclusive documents from the payment of tickets and his accommodation. As you will see in the video, together with the patient and her companion, he also traveled with his ticket costs a total of 496 euros.

In addition to the plane ticket, the family claims that they also paid for the hotel, with the total amount of accommodation exceeding 400 euros for one night.

Everything looks like it was well planned. According to what the family of the woman suffering from multiple sclerosis complains, the alleged fake doctor forced them to pay him the exorbitant sums he demanded in cash, so that there would be no evidence, they say.

“I deposited some of them in the bank, but they didn’t accept it, because they told me that I can’t show them in Greece, due to the fact that I’m in Germany and I work with the center in Germany and you have to give them to me in cash. Most were given in cash. Of course, some money was also given through a bank account and through a bank account in Germany” the victim’s mother reported to Alpha.

You will see them in the video documents with remittances to the alleged “fake doctor”. According to the family it is only some of the money of his exorbitant fee. Only the money deposited into the account is 16,300 euros. In fact, two of the remittances are in accounts held by the 66-year-old in foreign banks.

Below, you will listen to the audio document that secured it TLive since the alleged “fake doctor” is paid with 25,000 euros in hand.

“The only amounts I received from the family were those deposited into my bank accounts. This particular method of payment was followed throughout our cooperation” the 66-year-old said in his apology, according to information.

“He manipulated my daughter,” claims the victim’s mother

The alleged fake doctor’s activity continued unabated, the patient’s family complains, when they became aware of the fraud. As they say, the 66-year-old tried to manipulate the woman by convincing her that her mother does not want her good.

That child was under his influence. Because I was working, he found the time and told the child that “your mom will stop the treatment, because it’s expensive and she doesn’t want it and she takes me and asks me various things and if that’s the case, I can’t cooperate” and something like that . It created a problem for me and with the child itself” the victim’s mother told T-live.

The promises of the “fake doctor”

At a time when she and her family were finding that instead of getting better, she was getting worse, the alleged fake doctor suggested changes to her treatment plan. Hear what he has to say in yet another T-live documentary

-I told her to stop swimming, because swimming doesn’t help her anymore.

-Told me.

– I want him to have gymnastics, physiotherapy more than anything else. I told her very quietly, I told her to do it every day in fact. You want slow, slow and slow, don’t rush now. She wants to make the effort faster and I tell her that’s not possible, you have to slowly make up. It needs time.

– Indeed.

-I’ll be going now in no time.

– Because yesterday we passed, what can I tell you. I don’t want to live it. These are situations I was living in a year ago.

-Yes Yes Yes.

-In such a situation.

– It makes sense, it makes sense.

-Why what were you waiting for, what, what, what, I can’t understand?

-What to do; It’s okay, but he found out now, he won’t do it again.

-Let’s hope. Please, I would like you to explain to her, why we have entered into a process that I don’t think she has understood, what exactly she expects. She kept to the point, that in fifteen days I will see an improvement and in a month I will be able to walk at least with my cane.

-We said that you will get up slowly, you will walk and it was already better on Friday when I went. And I tell her I want certain things. I send the lady (…) exactly what I want and I tell her “I don’t want a lot, I want a little”, I want the movement to take place and slowly absorb it into the brain. Start it, start it, hardening does like a baby. You relearn the move.

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