Fake doctor: The moment he asks for 25,000 euros from a patient with multiple sclerosis – Documentary video

Another video document brought to light the T-live with the Tatiana Stefanidou regarding the alleged actions of the accused bogus doctor. In the audio clip, the 66-year-old complainant can be heard asking for an amount of thousands of euros and stating that he will transport the stem cells himself from abroad.

– I should have the amount of stem cells on Wednesday when I leave.

– Do we get the stem cells from outside?

– Well, of course

– And they are transferred here because that’s why I know that…

– I’ll bring them – I’ll bring them – I’ll bring them don’t worry.

– Yes… It will be fine if we receive them on Wednesday, when will the injection be done?

– Or on Friday or Saturday

– Good… Well… and we’re talking, you should have all 25 thousand, right?

– Yes Yes Yes

According to information, the 66-year-old claimed to the authorities that he never transported preparations from abroad…

“I knew nothing of the treatment applied by the German Doctor. I have never transported peptides to Greece for this treatment. The mother and daughter were talking to the German doctor, from whom they were getting the peptides themselves.”

The tangle of the case began to unravel, when the patient’s mother realized that the treatment was not working…

“Three months passed, we saw that not only was he not doing well, but the child was losing strength. She told us that it would be good to get off the medicine that the doctor is giving her here because that is what she is reacting to and she is not affected by the peptides and she convinced my daughter to stop it. Despite all the reaction mine. Then the child got worse and somewhere around there I started looking,” said the woman’s mother on T-live.

According to the family, they trusted him after he assured them that by administering the stem cell infusion treatment, the patient’s health condition would improve significantly. Hear what he had to say in another exclusive documentary presented by the show.

See more in the video below:

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