First the bread and then the spectacle

The ND will try to convince the citizens with the work of its term in the field of the economy, foreign policy and national defense, while SYRIZA will denounce institutional deviations such as surveillance by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and targeted attacks on persons from the opposing camp who directly or indirectly deviated from the legal order and morality.

Already, since yesterday afternoon, the motion of censure has been discussed in the Parliament on the occasion of the information provided by the president of ADAE, Mr. Rammos, on the results of his investigations, on the legal and secret monitoring of the EYP, which, however, are no longer secret since they became a flyer in the Parliament by Mr. Tsipras.

I don’t know in the end who will emerge victorious politically and essentially from this three-day largely theatrical performance in the Parliament, however, the government is probably not going to lose the declared one and fall dishonorably from the Parliament as the correlations are a given.
But it’s almost certain that this three-day period will be a marker of how we’ll go throughout the election period leading up to the Spring polls and how toxic this period will be. Although we can imagine it from yesterday’s position of Mr. Tsipras and the short answer of Mr. Gerapetritis. But what can all this mean for society and how much does it concern the harsh reality it has to face? What can all this mean for the microcosm of each household when, in fact, for the majority of people, all that they hear (if they do, because I highly doubt it) about legal surveillance, they are unable to understand the depth and magnitude of the illegality, the real or non-existent reasons that knows the EYP prosecutor who signed the relevant permits at the request of the leadership of the intelligence service, and apparently we will never know. But they mean a lot, all these out-of-control accuracy phenomena that affect Greek households on a daily basis and that worry about how the month will turn out.

And whoever comes to respond with deeds and not words to these anxieties, will receive more attention and not the cockfights concerning the sensitive defenders of the institutions of the Constitution and the Republic which, as the opposition claims, have been catalyzed.
Not that these issues are of minor importance but for better or worse, for many the vital needs of survival and avoiding economic impoverishment come first. Bad lies, the worst form of unfreedom and encroachment on individual liberties, are unemployment and poverty since in practice they set aside everything else.

So in the economy, in disposable income, in job prospects, in better wages and in the social sensitivity of governments to the vulnerable, the election game will be played, even if we don’t laugh. First the bread and then the spectacle. All polls, whether we trust them or not, have a common denominator that is definitely not in the government’s favour. It is the number one problem of the vast majority of respondents and it is none other than punctuality that eats away at their purchasing power and lowers their standard of living.

So whoever can convince that he will do better in the economy and in improving the economic position of most Greeks will be the winner of this peculiar political war that has already begun.

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