Gala met Giorgio Armani in Paris: Exclusive interview in this week’s issue!

One of the last “greats” of fashion, the designer who took off ready to wear and gave men the possibility to avoid monotony and embrace elegance, the creator identified with the lifestyle of modern times speaks exclusively at this Gala of the week. A full confession for his 60 years in Fashion and for his magical touch that made the Armani brand synonymous with high end luxury, not only in clothing and underwear, but also in perfumery, hospitality, catering.


An important interview that will be discussed and summarizes his 6 decades in Fashion and his 88 years in life, but also a personality that has transcended the narrow limits of Fashion. His relationship with Art and pop culture, sports and the sea, his essential interventions in burning issues of the time – he was the first designer to ban particularly emaciated models in order to send a message to the Fashion industry, but also the his decision to reduce the production of his collection has placed him in the pantheon of Fashion History.

He spoke about all of this exclusively to Gala, who met him privately a few days ago in Paris, as part of Fashion Week.
Take a taste:
“I have worked hard, never taking success for granted.”
“I’m always pushing myself to explore new avenues, new adventures.”
“I always have my mind focused on the future.”
“Always challenging me to try new things, to evolve my work, to keep progressing.”
“Each of my shows is a window into my thinking and creative imagination.”

Don’t miss it Gala this week, along with Proto Thema newspaper, on Sunday January 29!


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