George Tsounis: Message to Turkey for peace and stability in the region

Only peace and stability can be tolerated in the region, he said relation to the Turkish provocations in our country, the American ambassador in Athens, George Tsounis.

To the question of “Mega”, what the Greeks have to expect from the USA in the event that Erdogan implements his threats, the American ambassador in Athens, George Tsounis, said: “America has a huge interest and the US will work towards it peace and stability in the region. Anything else is not acceptable. End of story”.

George Tsounis, clarify how the US seeks to avoid conflict and stated that the American president understands and loves Greece and wants stability in the region.

He said characteristically “the US understands the situation and if called upon we will appear very helpful and committed to avoiding conflict. We encourage both of our allies to refrain from any action and any situation that could lead to an accident. President Biden knows the area. He has worked with both leaders. He has known President Erdogan for decades. They understand each other very well. I will also tell you that President Biden understands and loves Greece and wants peace and stability in the region.”

The American ambassador insisted on need for dialogue with mutual respect so as not to create misunderstandings, while meaningfully noting that a diplomat often cannot to speak publicly in the same language.

The two countries have competent diplomats, he also said they can talk to defuse tensions. However, he stressed that everyone is disappointed by the rhetoric being used. That is why, he added, the dialogue is necessary, in order to change the example and stop it the confrontational rhetoric.

“This time everyone should be cool. These are not hours to raise our voices,” he advised.

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