Georgiadis to Polakis: You are a “Randanplan” MP with Kalogritsa’s money – Watch video

“Radaplan” MP with “Kalogritsa’s money” called o Adonis Georgiades Pavlos Polakis, putting new fire in the political scene that was set up in Plenary session of the Parliament on the occasion of the motion of no confidence against the government submitted by SYRIZA.

“I was reading a comic, Lucky Luke. In it was a dog – it looks a bit like it – called Radanplan. His characteristic was that when you step on his foot in the first frame he would react after 30 frames. From today, let the great levant of Sfakia be called Radanplan. I am filing a publication that records the dialogues of the preliminary investigation about Pappa. In it, Kalogritsas is recorded saying to Mr. Polakis: You are an MP with my money. Inside is the entire dialogue as recorded from the minutes of the Parliament.

I ask: Sue Kalogritsa who told you to get the hell out, why are you a member of parliament with my money, did you do Polakis to him? And you come one year and cast spells on me? You to me? The one who testified that Frouzis gave me 2 million euros is called Destebasidis. Today this man is in jail because he stole people’s money. Fortunately, Polakis, no one appointed you a judge. Show your magic to Kalogritsa who told you to get the hell out and you did. Enough”.

Confrontation Pollakis - Georgiadis

Earlier, Pavlos Polakis asked for personal time in order to respond to the initial position of Adonis Georgiadis. “Listen to Georgiadis and I will be very calm to keep my cool. Gerapetritis dares and asks the question to Mr. Tsakalotos who knows the names of those being monitored? Mr. Tsipras’s paper asked Rammos if these six phones of these individuals were being monitored. Rammos replied that he was being watched. Does that cover you?’

Regarding the complaints about his financing by Mr. Kalogritsa, he said that “you may be financed by businessmen. Not me. I campaigned with my own money. I became an MP having a past in the Municipality of Sfakia, which you will not do in five lifetimes. You five owners of private centers to finance you will not do such a project. Nobody has me in hand. For that matter, when Kalogritsas came back and said this conversation, I told him to take it out because he has no control over me or anyone from SYRIZA. Then he got dizzy and we took him out to help him. I have not been accused of taking 2 million euros with suitcases. A corrupt prosecutor filed you not acquitted you. And all this Sunday short celebration. We will see these again.”

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