Georgiadis vs. SYRIZA: “Theater” Tsipras motion of no confidence – You are scoundrels

The Minister of Development launched a harsh attack against SYRIZA from the floor of the Parliament, Adonis Georgiadesin the context of the discussion on motion of no confidence testified by the official opposition leader.

As he commented, Alexis Tsipras’s move was nothing more than a show, by one of the biggest hypocrites, as he described him, adding that he is not really interested in wiretapping.

In a mocking manner, he also commented on the official opposition’s pre-election slogan, “justice everywhere”. He reminded that in the Novartis case, those who were “involved” by SYRIZA, it was proven by the Prosecutor’s Office that they had no involvement, not even subtle indications, as he said. And yet, he continued, no one ever apologized.

“You are wretched subjects, scoundrels who hurt democracy. You, the liars and mudslingers, are talking,” he said characteristically. Mr. Georgiadis also referred to the investigation against Nikos Pappas for the Kalogritsa case, while he also attacked Pavlos Polakis, saying that he “plugged it in and got the hell out of it with Kalogritsa’s black money”.

Euclides Tsakalotos took the floor right after, stressing that Adonis Georgiadis’ speech confirmed Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, who earlier asserted that government officials and ND MPs will not be mentioned in the wiretapping case.

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