Gerard Pique: His mother accuses Shakira of trying to keep her away from her grandchildren

As everything shows, his separation Gerard Pique with the Shakira it was not only traumatic for the singer, but also for his own mother.

As the magazine “Lecturas” reports, after contacting the mother of the former Barcelona player, Montserrat Bernabeuhis breakup with Shakira has hurt her too.

“She’s devastated,” reports the publication. In fact, she revealed that the Colombian star has asked her children to stop calling Montserrat “grandma”, which was very hard for her.

As she maintains, she has always done everything in her power to help the couple’s relationship run smoothly. Her relationship with her grandchildren is excellent, while whenever the couple was away on business, she was the one who took care of the children. This move by Shakira to distance her from her grandchildren was, according to the magazine, the last straw in the “Shakira-Pique drama”.

However, videos from the past that make their appearance again, on the occasion of the couple’s separation, show that probably Shakira and Montserrat never had good relations and perhaps the reality is far from what the footballer’s mother claims.

Not long ago, a clip was released on TikTok in which the star criticizes Pique’s mother, stressing that he “doesn’t need her advice”.

In the clip, he can be heard gushing about Pique’s mother, saying: “That haircut was the worst mistake I ever made. My mother-in-law wondered why I didn’t cut my hair, that it was a shame. Well, one day I did. But, mother-in-law, I’m not going to listen to your advice again.”

This time, yet another video has surfaced, in which Montserrat can be seen gesturing at the singer to tell her to shut up.

This rude gesture with the finger in front of the doctor’s mouth was immortalized by a Shakira fan.

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