Giorgos Angelopoulos: The first post with his partner, Dimitra Vamvakousi

With a post on his personal Instagram account, George Angelopoulos confirmed his relationship with Dimitra Vamvakousis.

Rumors about George Angelopoulos’s relationship with the former Survivor player had been circulating for some time, while recently, the camera captured them on a night out with the two of them being particularly effusive.

A few months ago, in an interview, George Angelopoulos, although he avoids talking about his personal life, admitted that he is in love.

“(Love) is dangerous, but it also depends on what age it comes to you. If you’re in your 15-30s, still searching for yourself, you might get destroyed. Real love rejuvenates you and gives you a restart. I’m in love, details are not needed” said Giorgos Angelopoulos.

But today, a few days after the release of their joint photos from their exit, George Angelopoulos made the first joint post with his beloved. In fact, he republished in his story a video published by Dimitra Vamvakousi in which we see them quite cheerfully singing in the car while he drives.

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