Giorgos Liagas broke out about the TV viewing: “Don’t look right and left, numbers and little numbers”

In the television viewing of his show, he was mentioned George Liagason the morning of Tuesday 24/1 through “Breakfast». The presenter sent a clear message to the audience “not to look left and right at numbers and numbers”.

“I’m going to say something that I’m saying for the first time. It also concerns my boss. TV, shows and zones are evolving. And in Greece, television is person-centered. People identify with the person or persons they see entering their home every day. Bad lies, many times the belt is adjusted to the faces and not the faces to the belt.

You have to listen to society, understand what you have to give them and adapt yourself. The fact that here, I have chosen to have partners only journalists, no lifestyle persons, is it a coincidence? Am I not paying it in – what we call – numbers at young ages? I pay for it. However, it is my choice, it is a proposal of mine that has been accepted and supported by the station. We do a show that likes, dislikes mainly 80% purely journalistic. This is the truth.

Whoever wants sees her, whoever wants doesn’t. It is not mandatory. We are honored by the fact, and I will say this for the first and last time, that the majority of people every day since the first day of the television season, choose to watch this show. Don’t see left and right, numbers, numbers, the intersection of Syngrou streets, etc. The majority of people see this show every day as their first choice. That says something about all of us. So why should we say we should do something else?

Now, that it is a zone that also generates money and must have other things in it that will bring money to the station, we accept that and we adapt to it. All the others are other words to love each other” said Giorgos Liagas.

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