Grigoris Arnautoglou: He revealed the reason why his relations with Nikos Moutsinas have cooled

THE Elizabeth Konstantinidou on the evening of Wednesday 26/1 she was a guest on his show Grigoris ArnautoglouThe 2night Show». The well-known actress, in fact, had the opportunity to change positions and roles with the presenter, doing a different interview.

Grigoris Arnautoglou, during his conversation with Elisavet Konstantinidou, wanted to express a complaint to Nikos Moutsinas.

“Nikos has upset me a lot. I mean it very seriously. I asked him for coffee two and a half years ago. And maybe that’s why I’ve generally been away. I learn that he generally does not answer messages and does not pick up the phone.

I mean, I saw that it wasn’t personal, but I took it very personally. I asked him the last time I went and I said “please, I want to tell you something and I want to say it over coffee”. Two and a half to three years, he still hasn’t called me to tell him to meet for a coffee.

It upset me so much that I stopped doing it. But I always wish them well. I won’t talk about his talent. I said on the radio recently that because he’s upset that he’s not doing well in the numbers right now and he’s been thinking about TV, that he’s got nothing to prove, he’s had such big hits, it’s all coming in circles, he’s going to find it again. We lack such talents on television” said Grigoris Arnautoglou.

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