Grigoris Goundaras: “Bended” on air for the death of his mother from cancer

He had a strong emotion on the morning of Wednesday 25/1 Grigoris Goundaras on the air of the show “Super Katerina».

The occasion was the story of Giorgos Loukas, who competed in MasterChef on the evening of Tuesday 24/1, however, he did not manage to pass to the next stage and take the black apron.

Giorgos Loukas, however, shocked the judges with his story, talking about the period when he battled cancer for two years, coming out victorious.

Today, speaking live via Skype with the show of Katerina Kainourgiou, he caused strong emotions with his story and especially in Grigori Gundara, who lost his mother to cancer. (See HERE in detail)

The presenter bowed on the air of the show, with Katerina Kainourgiou immediately apologizing to him, while at the same time asking her colleagues not to mention the specific event at all.

“Sorry, sorry. Guys, let me tell you something, I don’t want to get into this process. Because Grigoris is also moved and it is a very difficult situation, I prefer to talk about MasterChef”, said Katerina Kainourgiou.

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