“Guilty and not guilty”: Gerapetritis’ response to Tsipras and the quote from Lysias

The gauntlet thrown down by the official opposition by testifying motion of no confidence the government returned, asking the president of the Parliament for the immediate start of the three-day debate in order to compare the days of four-year SYRIZA with the projects and actions of the ND government.

The Minister of State George Gerapetritis personally addressing the president of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras underlined: “There is something else, Mr. President. You used technical legal terms. This gives me the opportunity to convey to you a legal saying: Guilty, guilty, wherever. The one who has two Special Courts open for manipulating institutions. The one who has today been revealed to have used loudspeakers wearing hoods while being a criminal organization calling the Maximus and the one who is said to have had suitcases and black money cannot make anyone else guilty. The government immediately requests the start of the debate in order to conclude on Friday. Mr. Tsipras, we agree on something. Indeed there are certain critical moments and you will not avoid them. Elections are coming and you will suffer them.”

Mr. Gerapetritis, starting his placement, usedin ancient Greek, the first passage from the Speech of Lysias “For the Weak”: “I do not owe much grace to the accuser, O Parliament, because he prepared the fight for me. for before I had no promise to see the word of life, now I am sorry for this. and for this reason I am tempted to show myself as a liar, but myself, until this day, I praise rather merit or envy, because for nothing else do you prepare me this danger or for envy.”

Means: “Just a little and I would express my gratitude, deputies, to the accuser who prepared this trial against me. As I had not before occasion to apologize for my life, but now because of this I have received it. And I will try to prove on the one hand that in his accusation he is lying, on the other hand that I myself have lived my life up to this day more in a manner worthy of praise than of envy. Because I have the impression that he set up this trial here not for any other reason but because of envy.”

The Minister of State noted that “the opportunity you are giving me is great and I am grateful to you, because you give us the opportunity to oppose our cases. We will have the opportunity in this parliament to oppose ourselves at the level of public policies and to see if the government has committed all the evils you accused it of or if it has done something else. Fortunately, your days and ours are fresh. We will have the opportunity to hear from you too because we have lost you recently. You had partial aphasia and it wasn’t from a virus.”

News today:

Strong 5.9 Richter earthquake east of Rhodes – Felt as far as Crete

“Sarafis” of Novartis is being prosecuted for setting up a criminal organization, fraud and forgery

Emergency bulletin with storms, hail and snow – 112 in Kefalonia and Ithaca

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