Hollywood: Stuntman seriously injured in accident at Universal Studios

Showgoers at Universal Studios in Hollywood watched with bated breath as a stuntman fell from a great height and burst into flames into a swimming pool.

The stuntman was injured and taken to a hospital.

American media reports that the stuntman participated in the WaterWorld show, which has been playing since 1995 at Universal Studios. He plays the “bad guy” who is engulfed in flames and ,jumps from a height of 9 meters into the water.

Performer rushed to hospital after possible drowning reported at Universal Studios Hollywood

However, for reasons that have not been made clear, the man fell unconscious during the performance on Monday afternoon. His partners, as seen in footage captured by viewers, carried him out of the pool.

It is unclear whether the injury was caused by contact with the water or something else.

The health status of the stuntman remains unknown.

After the accident the show was canceled and the guests were evacuated.

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