I fear for my life says Kanter – “Erdogan will attack Greece one day”

He spoke on Monday night (23/1) about the declaration against him by Turkey for 500,000 dollars, about whether he fears for his life and also about his assessment that Recep Tayyip Erdogan “will attack Greece one day” Enes Kanter.

Speaking about his designation by the Erdogan government as a member of a terrorist organization for supporting Fethullah Gulen and now on the “Most Wanted Terrorist List,” the former NBA player said “I’ve had so many calls from the FBI, from the US government . And they told me that this is the first time that the Erdogan government announced with an amount of money”.

“‘People out there will try to come and hurt you, the mafia, professional killers, even the cartels,’ they told me.” And I also spoke with the FBI yesterday and they told me ‘from now on wherever you go, you have to inform us,'” described Canter the new reality he is called upon to manage.

He confessed that “of course I fear for my life. Every day I wake up I look at my phone and there are hundreds of threats to my life.”

In this context, Enes Canter, in his interview with OREN, called on world leaders, all NATO members “to take action against Erdogan”. Finally, the Turkish basketball player called the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis “to take some substantial actions against Erdogan because I understand that the relationship between the two countries is very important but Erdogan will attack Greece one day.”

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