“I was offered Survivor All Star – I’m one of those who said Yes and I’m waiting”

For Survivor All Star spoke to the Open camera and on the show Who is Breakfast? the Asimina Inglezou.

The former reality survival player commented on the players’ return to Santo Domingo, revealing that she herself had accepted an offer to return to the game.

“I had a proposal for Survivor All Star. I am one of those who said “Yes”. I don’t know if they will call me at some point. Is Konstantinos Vassalos exterminated? There are so many little girls out there. Marialena may state that she will follow Sakis if he leaves, but if she does, we’ll see if she does. I was impressed that I didn’t see Dano and Spaliaras at All Star”, commented Asimina Iglezou initially.

He then emphasized that the absence of Triantafyllos is noticeable, while he emphasized that he is not watching Giorgos Asimakopoulos.

Triantafyllos is missing from Survivor. Cliques are needed to survive. I don’t see George Asimakopoulos, I have nothing to do with this person. I see that some people don’t say the way for their team to win on purpose”, said Asimina Iglezou.

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