Iliana Papageorgiou for Vicky Kaya: “Follows and unfollows happen in real life”

Her Iliana Papageorgiou met the camera of the show “Super Katerina“, upon her arrival at the SKAI television station, for its filming My Style Rocks.

The fashion reality judge, among other things, was asked about her unfollow Vicky Kayafor My Style Rocks, but also for those who have given her the title of “strictest” in the jury.

“Follows and unfollows happen in real life, in virtual life, in real life they don’t matter. I clearly prefer follows and unfollows in my life,” he initially said.

At the end, the journalist asked Iliana Papageorgiou what she has to say to those who consider her the strictest reality judge, with her replying with a question: “Huh? Thanks”

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