Iliana Papageorgiou on Vicky Kaya’s unflollow: “Mute, does the world need to know?”

THE Iliana Papageorgiou who is currently on the jury of My Style Rocks, was today a guest on Nikos Moutsina’s show, and in the middle of it all the presenter could not help but ask her about the recent unfollow she received from Vicky Kaya wondering if she is still following her.

“I do, why?” answered Iliana Papageorgiou and then explained her reasoning,

The follow and unfollow are in real life, the others are just so-called. I’ve muted a lot of people. When you know someone and you may have hung out or worked together and then you say that the feed may not suit me, the aesthetics, the person, etc., there is no need to unfollow him, even mute him. Is it necessary for the world to know?’

“So Kaya is mute” commented Nikos Moutsinas with Iliana Papageorgiou answering laughing without denying what she just heard.

“I have spent many years alone and many difficulties to sit now and deal with small things…” Iliana Papageorgiou then commented.

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