In “Gi tis Elia” Kimonas is brain dead

Unspeakable sadness covers Mani. The heroes in “Land of Olives” are plunged into mourning with the tragic death of Cimon, while remorse weighs on Demosthenes.

Tonight at 21:00, MEGA’s drama series comes with an episode that will shock you.

The news that Kimonas is brain dead shocks the family. In a moment of weakness, inside the intensive care unit, Demosthenes apologizes to his son and Aspasia is surprised by his gesture. Kourakos investigates the attempted weapon and discovers that it was illegally obtained. Friends and relatives are standing by the family, with Dimitra not missing a minute from the hospital.

Aspasia decides to break the ice and approaches her first, giving her permission to see Kimon. At the same time, the doctor proposes to the family to donate his organs. Demosthenes is negative, but Aspasia will make the final decision, considering that this is something her son would want. Demosthenes, Aspasia, Irene and Demetra gather in the intensive care unit to say goodbye to Kimon.

Watch the trailer:

The Land of Olives - Second Cycle |  Wednesday 25/1 21:00 (trailer)

Direction: Andreas Georgiou
Scenario: Vana Dimitriou
With Nikos Galanos

They star: Aphrodite Liantou, Paschalis Tsarouchas, Antigoni Kouloukakou, Tasos Iordanidis, Dora Chrysikou, Vassilis Michas, Elena Christofi, Panikos Pilalis, Ifigenia Tzola, Dionysis Papandreou and notary Maximos Moumouris, Eva Chrysa Papa, Antonia Charalambous, Alexandros Martidis, Ifigenia Pieridou Stefani Charalambous, Yiannis Kritikos, Alexandros Skourletis, Antigoni Neophytou, Ivi Nikolaidou, Raphael Kariotakis, Nikos Mellos, Angeliki Kintoni, Melina Conti, Zoe Gerazi

Prosecutor, Phoebus Markianos
Angeliki, little Cleo

In the role of Kimon, Vangelis Kakouriotis

Guest: Themis Panou, Tony Dimitriou

And the:
Stella Firogeni
Koulis Nikolaou
Vasia Panagopoulou
Friendly participation, Angela Gerekou
Lykourgos, George Partsalakis
In the role of Margarita, Lydia Koniordou

Guest star Maro Kontou

Production Execution: MAKE IT PRODUCTIONS
Production: ALTER EGO MASS MEDIA SA MEGA 2022-2023

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