“In the name of Allah you must die”: What was written in the email sent to “Eleftherios Venizelos” and six hospitals

Disruption was caused this morning at Eleftherios Venizelos airport and six major hospitals after an email was sent warning of a bomb.

The unwitting prankster did not hesitate to upset six of the country’s largest hospitals where patients and many children are treated. According to the Star, the sender is said to be an Islamist who said he was ready to “shed his blood for Islam”. “In the name of Allah and our prophet Muhammad you must die,” he wrote in his threatening email.


It is noted that after this message, the police checked all the areas, but nothing was found, while an investigation is being carried out in order to identify the source of the threat and the unconscious prankster who spread the terror.

The Chronicles

An alarm was sounded in the Police, at the “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport and in six after the threatening emails about placing a bomb in one of their premises, which turned out, in the end, to be a hoax, confirming the assessment of the ELAS officers who handled the cases.

According to information in the email sent to the airport in Spata, reference was made to Islam and there was a threat “we will blow up the whole airport”,

According to the same information, the e-mail did not describe a specific area of ​​the airport with the police forces and the TEEM that rushed there not detecting anything suspicious. A similar email was also sent at 9 am to six hospitals with police forces rushing to search their premises and with special sniffer dogs.

According to the same information, the emails were sent to Evangelismos, Tzanio, G. Gennimatas, Pammakaristos, Errikos Dunan and Paedon. In the hospitals that received the threatening email there was a disturbance with those who can leave the buildings.

The threat was judged by ELAS as “yellow”, as reported by ERT, and that is why there was a great mobilization with police officers, TEEM men and specially trained explosive detection dogs participating in the investigations in all seven buildings.

The assessment of the Electronic Crime Prosecution officers handling the case is that they will succeed in identifying the common sender of the emails that disturbed both the airport and the hospitals where patients had to leave their rooms in order to carry out the ELAS investigations.

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