Ioanna Tunis: Mom in despair – “She cries non-stop”

First time mom became a few months ago n Ioanna Tunis. The well-known influencer and entrepreneur gave birth to a healthy baby boy, fruit of her love with Dimitris Alexandrou and although she enjoys the role of mother, she does not hesitate to share with her online friends the difficulties she is facing and the new everyday life in which must be adjusted.

In the snapshots that she published at noon on Wednesday 25/1 on her Instagram account, we see Ioanna Tunis in… desperation trying to put her son to sleep who is not behaving and very willing to do her a favor.

“You understand I didn’t wake up now. The baby won’t let me take him off my lap, he’s crying non-stop! She just wants hugs and tits” noted Ioanna Tunis, while in the very next story we hear her son crying while she points out: “I just (thought) I had put him to sleep and let him out of my arms”.

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