“It was a difficult day” – Adonis Georgiadis lit a candle for the traffic accident

Adonis Georgiadis felt the need to light a candle in the holy temple of Zoodochos Pigi in the center of Athens where his parents were married and he was baptized after the car accident he had on Monday night without, fortunately, any injuries.

“I had to do it because yesterday was a difficult day and my parents I feel were with me” added Minister of Development in his post on Twitter after the traffic accident he had in Filellinon.

“We never forget our people, no matter how many years pass,” he concludes in his post Adonis Georgiades.

The traffic accident took place on Monday evening in Filellinon shortly after the junction with Souri Street, with the collision being severe as the airbags in the car in which Adonis Georgiadis was riding were deployed.

Fortunately the collision resulted in only material damage with the parties involved proceeding to an amicable settlement.

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