Kalamata: The 22-year-old is on remand for the murder of the “American” – On Saturday, the 38-year-old apologizes

Arrestedwith the concurrence of the investigator and the prosecutor of the Kalamata Court of First Instance, the 22 years old man, of Albanian origin, who is accused of manslaughter together with his 38-year-old compatriot, at the expense of the 47-year-old “American”, last Friday morning in the center of Kalamata.

THE 38 years oldwho is said to be the one who shot the victim and was arrested this morning, also went to the Kalamata courts to have the arrest warrant outstanding since last Sunday when he was identified by the police. He was given a deadline to apologize on Saturday morningas broadcast by ERT.

A 34-year-old Bulgarian man was also taken with him a citizen who is accused of harboring a criminal, as well he “hosted” him in an accommodation he rented in Akrogyali of the municipality of West Mani. Drugs were also found in the room.

What the 38-year-old claimed

According to the first information, the 38-year-old defendant claimed that last night he went to the specific accommodation as he had been hiding in the mountainous areas of Messinian Mani for the past few days. The gun used to kill the 47-year-old has not been found, with the 38-year-old claiming to have thrown it overboard to police.

A special police operation was set up for his arrest today at 9 am and the arrested did not have time to put up any resistance.

Earlier this morning, the 2 Greeks, aged 50 and 40 respectively, appeared before the three-member misdemeanor court of Kalamata, who are accused of aiding criminals and making false statements to the authorities as they allegedly helped the accused immediately after their criminal act by offering them clothes, food and accommodation escape. The case was not heard today either and was adjourned until February 6.

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