Katerina Kainourgiou: Walk in the center of Athens – Photos

In the center of Athens, in one of the most commercial streets, the camera captured her recently Katerina Kainourgiou.

Alpha’s entertainment show host, “Super Katerina” in a break from her professional activities, she decided to take a walk to the shops in the “heart” of Athens in order to do her shopping. After all, Katerina Kainourgiou especially loves the center and often chooses it for her outings, as in recent years she has permanently moved there from the northern suburbs.

With a total black look and a particularly relaxed mood, Katerina Kainourgiou enjoyed her walk through the streets of Athens, while she did not stop for a moment to check her mobile phone.

See below photos from Katerina Kainourgiou’s exit

Photos: NDP/Andreas Nikolareas

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