Katia Gerou – Marilita Lampropoulou: Joining their acting forces at the “Mikro Anesis” theater

The work of the award-winning British writer Mike Bartlett, “Contractions” brings together two extraordinary actors, Katia Gerou and Marilita Lampropoulou. The show will be staged on February 4 at Mikro Anesis theater.

The director Vasilis Mavrogeorgiou approaches in this satirical thriller the connection between work relationships and love relationships. How can the terms of a contract be a threat to what gives life meaning?

In the office of a multinational company, two women are talking. They negotiate the term of a contract; the one that prohibits sexual relations between employees. They are partners, strictly partners only. But what happens when love comes and stirs the waters? When two partners get close and violate this term in their contract? One can put in a contract the conditions that settle obligations and rights, but love is by nature an unbridled force. It is the unweighted factor of this function. It does not go into molds. It is not controlled. It doesn’t comply.

Under a veil of politeness and propriety, the negotiation becomes increasingly tough. In a dystopian future, which may not be very far from the present, in a climate of competition and fear that multinationals tend to cultivate in their employees, with money and advancement as the main motivation, the danger is hidden in the details, in the little things letters of a contract. Work becomes an integral part of a person’s personality. What is one willing to sacrifice at the altar of one’s professional career? The lines between conscious choice and manipulation are blurring. In the end, can man resist in this milieu of terms and rules, keeping his identity intact, or is he doomed to lose himself in this Kafkaesque environment?

Show days and times:
Saturday at 18:00
Sunday at 21:00

Tickets on sale HERE https://www.viva.gr/tickets/theater/contractions/

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