Kenya: Guilty diplomat who killed Venezuelan ambassador to take her place

A Kenyan court on Wednesday found a former Venezuelan diplomat guilty of murdering his country’s ambassador a decade ago inside her home in an upmarket Nairobi district.

THE Dwight Sagaray, who was first secretary of the Venezuelan embassy at the time, was found guilty of murdering Olga Fonseca in May 2012. Judge Roselyn Korir also announced that three of his Kenyan accomplices were also found guilty while a fourth is on the run and a warrant has been issued against him arrest.

Sagaray was tried for the murder because she no longer had diplomatic immunity after Venezuela withdrew her after the case.

Fonseca was found strangled in her bedroom, less than two weeks from the day she assumed her duties in Nairobi. It was preceded by the surprise flight of the previous ambassador who was accused of sexual harassment by a domestic worker. Sagarai, who had been heading the diplomatic mission until Fonseka’s arrival, was angered by her appointment because he wanted to continue acting as ambassador.

Judge Korir explained that only he would benefit from the murder. There were also indications that he tried to prevent Fonseca from taking office. The sentence to be imposed on Sagarai and his accomplices will be announced later.

Source: RES-MPE

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