Kerameos: The evaluation of 170,000 teachers begins

The third stage of evaluation will begin immediately in the educational community relevant to 170,000 teachers and teachers, as mentioned by the Minister of Education Niki Kerameos in SKAI.

The Minister of Education noted that this is the third stage of the evaluation, as the first one concerns the educational system, the second the school community and the third the individual evaluation approx. 170,000 teachers.

According to Mrs. Kerameos, teachers will be evaluated for their cognitive and pedagogical subject, by the school director, the educational community advisor as well as the specialty advisor.

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THE Minister of Education left open the possibility for salary increases of teachers while at the same time he announced that on Friday in the cabinet he will present additional measures included in a bill concerning measures against school bullying.

Ms. Kerameos said that a platform will be created that will allow anonymous complaints for incidents of violence whether involving the students themselves or others.

He also referred to digital hub which will be created and through which parents will have immediate information about their children’s schooling, such as absences and how they go to their lessons.

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